Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is my roomie Ali.  A wonderful model/gift recipient.  She is so amazing and supportive of my creations!  She really is just a great roommate to have.  I made this for her, because she loved my cases, and two because I wanted to thank her for being so amazing.  Her favorite color is purple, but she really loves how its brought out more by only having it as an accent, and because of her hefty calling (activities co-chair!!) she carries a load of stuff and wanted a cute bag to use for church! 

This bag provided her with plenty of space for all of her supplies, on the sides were two pockets, and also a front pocket for whatever her pocketing desires shall be.  I cant wait to see her walk into church tomorrow with it knowing it brings a smile to the face that brings a smile to mine. 

Being creative is about being happy, not stressing if you mess up or if its not perfect.  my designs are FAR from perfect, but I love them because they are unique and imperfectly creative.  

How do YOU create?

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