Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is when I really try and be creative, but I dont have a very "gory" side, so it usually turns into just costumes.

My (now not) Roomie Ali and I decided to go as a pair.  She was a devil and I was an Angel!

And, everythis was fairly simple (because we bought the basics)  I only made the tutus!
Which turned out wonderfully and worked amazing.  

I had never worked with elastic thread before, but now I LOVE it.  Seriously! If you are a sewer, or are trying to learn.  That is the EASIEST way to gather something.  Its just wonderful.  I am going to make a shirt or something soon with a smocked neckline.  Maybe today after church?  We will see!

This is more then about showing off work, its about showing that creativity is pure and it comes from the heart of anyone, and everyone has the ability to create something beautiful.  Each time you create something it stirs up your soul and makes your inner self smile.  Which in turn helps you love your outer self.

<3 Take a step towards happiness. CREATE *

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