Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here we go again

I am not a new face to blogging.  I have tried and failed multiple times.  I keep making goals like "I will blog every single day!" and "Okay I will make something once a day".  These attempts at motivation are not working.  I am a busy, FIDM student, that interns with a lovely lady.  I do not exactly have just days upon end to spend creating wonderful things for people to look at on a blog.  But here I am once again.  Sucked into blogging.  I try and am actually pretty good for about a week or so, then it all goes downhill from there.  But I cant seem to get enough of it!  I am starting this with no expectations from myself, and with no empty promises that I really wont keep.  Just a simple blog site showing things I love doing.  What my brain thinks of late at night.  and hopefully someone somewhere will enjoy it.

My name is Jessica, and I am originally from Michigan.  I now live in California to pursue my high school dream of fashion.  I say high school because I have grown up and realized that my dreams have changed as I have matured and changed myself.  I am graduating FIDM in December with my Associates degree in Product Development.  I love fashion, and its something I will always continue to use, but for a life career its just not for me.  I start the University or Utah in January to eventually becoming an RN.  Serving people is what I enjoy, and what I love so wholeheartedly.  There is nothing better or more fulfilling than seeing someone smile.  I love to create things, there is no specific category, I love it all.  If I can make it, I want to.  I do stick mostly to things I can sew or glue together though, because I dont happen to be very crafty with heavy duty tools and nails.  Heck, I can barely hang something on my wall straight!  I just want to share what I just want to share what I enjoy, with people that want to look at it.

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