Thursday, October 14, 2010

I made this a little while ago, and just love it.  Its on my etsy for sale, and I loved it so much I just wear it.  (Dont worry if someone buys it, I will make them a new one!)  its a perfect hair comb for just anything! it keeps your hair in place and the fabric rosettes just add a cute touch.  Fabric rosettes are my new favorite thing, thanks to my friend Christy for introducing them to my life.  They are actually so super simple.  This hair comb just makes me feel so fun and lively.  The fabric has tiny stripes to add a slight nautical feel without being too gaudy.  Its simple, and pretty.  

Best thing about it, I accidently threw it into my dirty hamper, and didnt notice until I was finished with my wash.  It went through wash and dry and it still in the same condition. I love it!

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